I Love My LavaCore!

We’ve all heard it. Everyone who lives in Hawaii and dives on a regular basis always gets asked the same question by visitors: “WHY are you wearing so much exposure protection?”. People from colder climates don’t seem to realize how the human body adapts to year-round warm weather, and just how sensitive many of us get to cold. I originally moved here from New England, and I went from diving in a shorty to diving in a 3mm…to a 5mm…to a 5mm with bonnet hood…and I’m STILL cold out there—I just dive too much for my core to stay warm. I’ve been looking for something that keeps me good and warm in the water without also making me carry the lead that a 7mm wetsuit would require…and now I may have found it.


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Sharks Are Not The Enemy!

Scuba instructors, no matter where they might dive, usually hear a certain question just before entering the water. The funny thing is, the same question can mean two different things, depending on how it’s asked—here are both versions:

“Are we going to see sharks on this dive?” (Excited, maybe wants to get a good picture…)


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The Road to Divemaster

The viz has just improved from a little over zero to perhaps five feet, just enough that I can see that my Divemaster instructor Zac Lenox has lost a fin. This is the last dive of my training and I am guiding Zac and another Divemaster student Matt back to shore at Olowalu after completing a Scuba Review skills section. Only another one hundred yards to go, but in the wind and break the bottom is stirred up and I am doing my best to keep an eye on my charges while navigating with my compass to our dive flag set just off shore.


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Unexpected Lessons at the IDC

About the IDC, what can I say? You learn so much about yourself and where you are in the dive world when you go through it – it’s truly amazing. During these two weeks of daily, intensive training, I had the one of the most fun, stressful, crazy, and growing periods of my life. I met a lot of really cool people and got “knowed up” by some very excellent instructors. We endured a lot of struggles, misinterpretations of training standards, and huge learning curves, but in the end you know what they call me? INSTRUCTOR!!


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I Heart Nudis!

I admit it, I am such a nudi geek. The greatest joys I’ve had underwater have been seeing a new slithery slug friend. I almost ALWAYS have my camera with me because (of course) if you see something cool, you have to brag with pictures on facebook!!!


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Call for Pizza!

The cry rang out across Keawakapu beach in the early morning hours just before the sun crested Haleakala. Nervous sunbathers looked on as a group of scuba divers struggled in the water and quickly carried one of their fellow divers on to shore, abandoning their gear and beginning CPR on their lifeless friend. One of the divers ran to the parking lot and returned with emergency oxygen which he added to the rescue efforts. A sunbather ran over to the wetsuit-clad group and asked if she could help them by calling 911. “Didn’t you hear our cries?!” one of the divers asked, “We said to call for pizza!”


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