Divecation: Fiji

There are many reasons why people dive, but I think it generally boils down to a simple fact. You dive because you enjoy it. The feeling you get in the alien sounding underwater world is frankly unlike anything else. I would say it is usually that feeling that urges, if not compels new and experienced divers alike to take another trip under the waves. For my experience, I have to add one more criteria to my enjoyment of diving; that is the pleasure of diving with my wife. When we dive together, everything seems to fit. Of course we have grown into the symbiosis that is our diving these days. It is lucky we had a great place to get started.


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She was afraid to go out in the water

I have said many times “I saw Jaws at a very influential age”. Growing up, I had a fascination with critters in the water but I had no interest in joining them. It started with tadpoles. We had a ditch that ran along the front of our house, and it was there that I first discovered them wiggling around. I would go out looking for them every season, patiently watching through the algae for them to emerge. My mom took me salmon fishing, I caught my first big catch at the age of 9. I was fine as long as I was on the boat. As a teen, I would go to the river during the summer. I was usually afraid to go in to the water once I saw that the “rocks” at the bottom were moving. We would also go to the Oregon Coast and I was told “watch out for the jelly fish, they can sting you”. I played in the ocean only once or twice always fearing what might be touching me.


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