Beneath the Surface: Reflecting on 25 Years of Maui Dreams

🌺 Aloha, Dive Friends and Ohana! 🌺

Can you believe it? It’s been nearly 25 years since the gates of Maui Dreams swung open on that fateful New Year’s Day in 1999. Who could have imagined the extraordinary adventures and unforgettable moments that awaited us? But now, the time has come for us to make room for others to carry on the legacy of Maui Dreams. That’s right, dear friends, we’re diving into retirement from the shop!

But wait! Before you start fogging up your dive masks, let’s take a moment to clear the waterworks. Deep breaths, everyone!

From the very beginning, our vision was simple—to create a place where divers could gather, chat, and immerse themselves in all things scuba. We wanted to be more than just experts in our field; we wanted to be your friends and mentors, providing valuable advice and training to ensure you had the best possible diving experiences.

Those moments when you dropped by the shop to chat, to seek guidance on identifying a funky critter, or to indulge in our lunch recommendations (Shad’s got you covered) nourished our souls. When you entrusted us with helping you choose the perfect scuba gear (Teri always made sure you left with more than you bargained for), or when you asked us to guide you into the professional realm, it reinforced our belief in the essence of Maui Dreams. You, dear friends, have always been the heart and soul of our scuba paradise, and we are forever grateful for your presence.

Making the decision to step aside from this cherished part of our lives wasn’t easy, but the joy comes in knowing that the new owners are people we like and admire, who also share the core values that brought you to Maui Dreams. Allow us to introduce Javier, Christina, and Alex (the whole scuba-loving gang!). If the coconut wireless hasn’t reached you already, we’re thrilled to say they’re they ones taking the helm of Maui Dreams. You may recognize them from their previous ventures with us, the Maui Diamond or their fabulous boat, the Pilikai. In other words, they are beloved members of our local dive community, and we couldn’t have lucked out with a better team to continue the Maui Dreams legacy. Brace yourselves for their boundless energy, fresh ideas, and undeniable pizzazz!

We mustn’t forget to express our gratitude to the Dreams Teams who have been by our side throughout the years. These incredible individuals, including our current crew of kind-hearted humans, have always given their utmost best, even during challenging times. Our teams are true professionals, dedicated to their craft and to helping you achieve your scuba goals. And fear not, dear divers, you’ll still have the pleasure of seeing them at Maui Dreams!

Now, what about Don and Rachel? Don will be setting sail on the Maui Diamond, where he’ll regale you with his superior dad jokes and keep the laughter rolling. As for Rachel, for now, her plans involve petting cats and devouring tacos (in between dives, of course) as she explores what the future holds. And before you ask, yes, we’re staying on the island, still in love with diving, and both in good health!

But wait, there’s more! DIVE TRAVEL! We’re keeping the adventure alive by continuing to guide group trips for the next few years. If you want to stay up to date with our exciting offerings, visit or check us out on our Travel Club Facebook group. Although our 2023 trips are currently sold out (hurray!), we have a treasure trove of incredible journeys planned for 2024 and beyond.

Is anyone still reading this underwater saga? If so, we extend an invitation to stay in touch personally. Reach out to Rachel at (as for Don, his email checks are as rare as mermaids, so no promises!).

As we bid farewell to the Maui Dreams shop, we are filled with gratitude for each and every one of you who has shared this incredible journey with us. Remember, the ocean will always call, and the spirit of Maui Dreams lives on in the hearts of all who have dived with us.

With heartfelt aloha and everlasting bubbles,

Don and Rachel