Private Guided Dives and Scuba Tours – Make the Most of Your Visit to Maui

Imagine getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the Smithsonian, or a backstage pass to see your favorite band. When you book a private guided dive with Maui Dreams, we’ll give you VIP access to marine life and dive spots most divers never get to see.

Private guided dives are perfect if:

It’s your first trip to Maui – our instructors dive here everyday, so we can give you an orientation and tips for where to find marine life. Rent tanks from us afterwards and explore on your own, or sign up for a dive off our brand new boat.

You’re an underwater photographer – if there are harlequin shrimps, frogfish or Hawaiian lionfish on the south shore, we know where to find them. Tell us what critters are on your bucket list and we’ll tee them up; when you’re done photographing one, we’ll show you another.

You’re new to diving – our experienced staff can take you to fun dive sites that are perfect for beginners. We’ll show you our favorite critters and make sure you feel comfortable and safe throughout the dive, and there will be no worries about “holding up” anyone else in the group when the group is just you!

You enjoy long dive times – your private scuba tour can last as long as your air does and we can visit more advanced dive sites. If you want to explore a wreck, check out a cavern, or spend the entire dive turtle spotting, we cater to you.

You’re a “been there dove that” person – you know who you are. Maybe you’ve been diving Maui for years, or you’ve been to so many exotic places you think Maui might be boring. Okay, buddy, we like a challenge. Try a scooter dive with us (even if you’ve tried DPV diving before) and we guarantee you’ll have a huge smile on your face by the end of the dive.

And by the way, scooter diving isn’t the only trick we’ve got up our sleeve; you could also request a private night dive, full face mask dive, dawn dive, endemic fish specialty, and the list goes on.  Don’t be shy, tell us what you want to do! 

You’ve got something special in mind – we’ve had the privilege of being included on divers’ milestone dives (your 50th or your 500th) and on many an underwater proposal.  Even if you just want a dive where someone gets some brag-worthy underwater photos of you engaging in your favorite sport, these are all great reasons to book a private guide.

Are Private Guided Dives on Maui Worth It?
You’re probably traveling a long way to visit Maui, so why not make the most of it? Our dive staff are out on the reefs every day and we know where the frogfish hide. You’ll learn a lot and see more than you would diving on your own. 

We dive eight different beaches in south Maui, from Keawakapu down to Makena. Don’t know how to pronounce Keawakapu? We can help with that too. Contact us with any questions you have, or to book a guided scuba tour.