Scuba Diver Gift Ideas for 2013

Okay folks, as we publish this blog, there are only a couple of days of Christmas shopping left. There are some really hot items this year (anything GoPro) as well as some clever ideas for stocking stuffers. Everybody knows about the BIG GIFTS you can purchase for your dive buddy (an entire set of gear, of course…along with a trip to Fiji)! But what if you need something for the seasoned diver who thinks they have everything or if you just want a diver-friendly stocking stuffer?

Well, since time is short, we put our suggestions in video format. Warning, our tech uses swear words when asked to perform live before 7:AM, so we hope you won’t be offended and that you’ll have as much fun watching this clip as we had making it (before 7:AM)!!!!

Here are a few details on some of the items you just saw:

Get your bleep fixed: Of course, this was the tech’s idea, but why not purchase a gift card good for an annual overhaul! This is an expense that can come up during the year and if you can pay for this maintenance with a gift card, it actually becomes fun!

Magnifying Glass: We’ve been carrying these for a few months now and keep selling out of them. Yeah, you might have young eyes that can see just fine, but when you add this magnifier, you can see actual coral polyps – cool! Add a lanyard to it and it’ll always be handy, right there on your wrist.

Dive Classes: We are totally into education here at Maui Dreams, and we know you are too. Pick a class your dive buddy would like to take and we can provide you with a gift card in the right amount along with a couple of accessories to make it more interesting. For example, how about an Underwater Videography Specialty to go with a GoPro purchase? GloToobs to go with a Night Diver Specialty? Purchase a gift card for a guided shore dive and include the Diver’s Guide to Maui. One of the things we really enjoy doing when we guide a dive, is making YOU familiar with the site so that you can go back and explore it on your own! A Scooter to go with the DPV Specialty? Hee hee! We had to say that last one!

iGills: This gadget came out just before the iPhone 5 did. We thought this was great because iPhone enthusiasts tend to keep buying the newest model, but don’t necessarily get rid of the last one. This cool case turns your iPhone 4 or 4s into your dive computer and also lets you shoot photos and videos with it. Then, it assigns those images to your dive log. The iGills app is free on iTunes.

Dry Cases: These items are WAY cool. They also enable you to use your phone for photos or video when on or in the water. If you’re in any type of wet environment, this is a great way to protect your phone or mp3 player from the elements. We also have waterproof ear buds available so you can listen to your music while you swim/kayak/paddleboard. And even though Scott mentioned that the backpack was good for hikers (it is, of course), divers will love it because it’s an excellent dry bag for boat trips and travel.

SeaCure Mouthpieces: I finally got my first one this year and it is the bomb! They’re easy to mold, make your dive experience sooooooo much more comfortable, and they also come in schnazzy colors! If you have dental work done, you can even remold your existing SeaCure and keep using it! One more shopping tip: these come in various sizes to fit particular regulators as well, so make sure you know what kind of reg you dive buddy has.

Oceanic b.u.d.: This is one of those gifts for the “diver who has everything”. More and more divers are carrying back-up computers these days. If you’re off in some far flung place on a fabulous dive trip and your primary computer decides to go on it’s own vacation, having a b.u.d. is key to saving your trip. And even though this is marketed as a back-up computer, guess what? You could actually use it as your primary.

“The Quacker”: This is what WE call them, but they are also known as Sub-Ducks or ScubAlerts. These fit on to your low pressure inflator hose and emit a quacking sound underwater to get your buddy’s attention. An important tip for purchasing these is to know what type of hose your buddy has. For example, if they dive with an Air Source or Air 2, they’ll need a “quacker” that goes with that fitting. We carry them all!

Hope this helps, and if YOU’VE got a great Scuba Diver gift idea, share it here!

Mahalo, Rachel (and the other anonymous divers from Maui Dreams)