Is That a Mouse in Your Stocking?

‘Tis that time of year once again, and we thought we’d take a few minutes to share some of our cheap and easy stocking stuffer ideas for the scuba diver in your life! Some of these items are fun toys and some are just serious fun, but they’ll all fit into a stocking (well, depending on how big the stocking is!)

Tire Inflator Keychains are available in four colors. Need air in your tire? Attach the keychain to your inflator hose and to the tire, and fill ‘er up. Of course, you need to have a tank handy too! That said, this little gizmo has come in handy on numerous occasions, usually as a help to other divers at a dive site. $9.50

And while we’re on the subject of cool keychains, check out this little tank keychain – this is a must have save-a-dive item. It contains o-rings and the pick needed to remove your bad o-ring…nice! This baby is also available in silver and blue. $10

Next up is the brand new Scooblite. This cool new product is the latest to come out on the market for night divers and we’re excited to try it ourselves. Other marker lights are one-time-use only or else need continuous battery changes. The Scooblite is charged by the sun (or any other light source) and can be used over and over again. Though the application on our minds is for night diving, these could also be used for camping, power outages, and more! $12-$16

Ready for some diver bling for all the scuba chicks you know? Well, pink colored items are always in demand! We’ve got keychains, strap wrappers, hibiscus drink bottles, and even pink mouthpieces! We’ve got pink flex hoses, masks, snorkels, and keychains. With all of the black equipment our sport clads us in, girl divers really appreciate a spash of color! $10 and up…

If you need more ideas, we’ve got a bunch, including inexpensive whale tail necklaces, the brand new scuba mouse, wind up scuba diver toys, 4G diver memory sticks, retractors, snappy coils, noise makers, and of course, GIFT CARDS! Heck, if you come on in and tell us what you want, we just might whisper that in your dive buddy’s ear for you!

And last but not least, we just got these cool bracelets in. We got about 50 designs, so we’re only showing a few here, but these are adjustable and at only $5, they will make a perfect little goody for lots of people on your list!

Got something you’re hoping to see in YOUR stocking? Tell us what it is!

Aloha, Rachel

p.s. Are you curious about what the Scuba Mouse is????? See the photo on our FB page.