Why Everyone Should Try the Hotshot Fins by Aqua Lung!

Ever get that feeling thatyou’re missing out on something… that one perfect piece of underwater gear… Could Aqua Lung be giving us a hintby puttingthe HotShot fin on the top of their product page? There are many reasons for this fin being not only my favorite fin ever, but also Sport Diver Gear Guide Editor’s Pick.

If you haven’t met the HotShots yet, please let me introduce you to the smaller sibling of Aqua Lung’s famous Sling Shots. I am the lucky owner of one of the very first pairs to make it to Maui (its true!), and they are my daily diving (and snorkeling) fin of choice! I like to buy quality gear, and these rank top of my list in performance, comfort and style (not necessarily in that order).

These fins are powerful enough for diving and yet versatile enough to snorkel in, and a fully-outfitted diver likes efficiency! Speaking of efficiency, these fins come with Power Bands that load with energy during your power stroke and then release just before your upstroke. These Bands are attached to a Twin-Speed Gear Shift (that’s right, a manual transmission!) which allows you to choose the best speed-to-effort ratio of your current activity, and it is easily changed while wearing the fins in the water. In addition to all of this, the blade itself is made with custom materials that maximize this fin’s thrust. Not enough yet? Because of this fancy Banded joint, the whole surface of the blade is able to provide forward thrust and that gives you the power of a fin 30% longer! Genius!

Another thing that this amazing joint does is to take a lot of the stress off of your toes and feet and transfer that stress to the Bands (which will return that power, brilliant!) which helps to avoid leg/foot cramps and fatigue. The foot pocket is designed to be used on bare feet (although Lavacore socks or thin booties can be worm for warmth) and is made of a very soft rubber that is SUPER comfortable! The foot strap is stretchy and buckle-free which makes them not only super comfy, but very quick and easy to put on or take off.

To top it all off, these are an excellent travel fin- at only 20.9″ long they easily fit into any standard carry-on luggage. They come in green (the original color that I have) and now pink and blue to suit any style. They are an excellent fin available at an excellent price and as a well-equipped and stylish diver, you’ll want a pair- which I’m sure you’ll enjoy as much as I enjoy mine 🙂 We’ve got these in stock, so I invite you to come check them out any time!

Aloha, Sara