The Making of our Yelp Video

As I have mentioned before, one of the aspects that I love about my job is that there is so much diversity. Always something new and different going on! This time around Maui Dreams created a video presentation for the online review site, Yelp.

We have never done this type of advertising before, so it was a different experience for us to think and plan it all out.Jay and Racheltook care of the majority of the planning process. I made sure that we had many of the Maui Dreams staff present. Rachel asked me to call several of our favorite divers and invite them to give on-camera testimonials. Kasper, Kasper Jr., Tau, and Lisa were kind enough to join us for a fun afternoon of joking around and filming. As Jay has extensive video production experience, he took on the task of writing up a script that would enable our short clip to flow. We had a particular message that we wanted to impress the viewers with.

The Yelp folks hired a local director/cameraman to shoot the video, and Rachel set up a time during the day that generally has a bitless customer traffic.However, we did have a few customers surprised when they entered the shop and found themselves in the middle of a video shoot!

Pretending to chat for the camera

The director chose some scenic locations within the shop and began rehearsals for those who had parts to play in the video followed by live action takes. Of course we all had a lot of laughs when people practiced their lines through several takes. Since they are not professional actors, most people were nervous and giggled a lot. I took still shots so we had a record of the experience. It was challenging to get the photos I wanted and stay out of the way of the director, although he was totally cool and comfortable with all of our normal Maui Dreams shenanigans!
We all had fun, and I am very proud of the final results. The video is temporarily playing on our home page. Check it out and tell us if you recognize what the main theme is!

Aloha, Teri