Kasper’s Philippines Review

We asked Kasper to share his impressions with everyone afterour recent group dive trip to the Philippines and he had a lot to say! Read on:

I am without words to describe my experience. I had my concerns before going and did not know if I was too old, had the right equipment or had the gadgets needed to benefit fully from the trip.

I learned that a 50 year old body still can dive 5 dives a day and that a massage every evening definitely helps in that department. I learned that the Dive Resorts chosen by you were better or as good as any of the 35 plus resorts I have stayed at in the Philippines in the last 15 years of my travel there. I learned that with good local dive master guidance, you get so much in the camera that you have a problem with the wealth of pictures later – so a good file system and weeding out the crab early is important.

Before the trip, I felt 60 minute dive limit was not enough for me – but found that with all the things to see and the depths we dove, we all pretty much were on empty tanks after each dive and the longest dive for me was a few minutes more than one hour. Wearing a full suit was a benefit as we sometimes had good drift current that had me bumping into things – old man style and proud of it – sorry fellow divers.

Old camera, working fine!

I had thought my old camera was in need of changing before the trip but I felt very comfortable with it as I knew it well – AND – I got to see some of all the other equipment my fellow divers had and hear their inside story to their equipment which will help me when I need new gear.

I learned that my small pen light with rechargeable battery is great to travel with as foreign batteries are not always with 60 minute lifespan and night diving without trusted batteries/lights get frustrating. I also learned that when you want to take pictures of great underwater nature, it is crucial you know a bit about what you get to see. I did not know that a Mantis shrimp could break my finger or camera lens if I got too close. And we encountered several normal and giant mantis shrimps – and I got to within 10 inches of some as I had to get a good shot while somewhat drifting. I have since the trip learned that a flamboyant cuddle fish is poisonous and I got as close as 5 inches. Boy was I nuts – but I am so ready to do it again.

Blue Ringed Octopus

I also learned that on the one dive you sit out (due to a computer that tells you that your nitrogen saturation is pretty high)can be the dive when a blue ring octopus decides to show off for 40 min and fellow divers come back to brag – and still bag today.

After the trip, my wife got a new husband home that is relaxed and ready for whatever comes and ready for the next dive adventure.

Aloha, Kaz