Sister Mary Katherine Says…

Working at Maui Dreams has made a huge impact on my life… probably more than I know but will find out as the weeks pass without being around my dive family!

When I started MDDC, I was a rescue diver and didn’t know a lick about the dive industry. Working in a shop that does gear repair, hydrostatic testing, visual inspections , beach bookings, boat bookings, all kinds of instruction, rentals, retail (and so much more) you have no choice but to learn the industry inside and out. It was definitely overwhelming in the beginning and STILL to this day (after nearly 2 years) I can be stumped by things that people ask for! You learn something new everyday!

Being in the shop around all these knowledgeable instructors was an invaluable gift. All through my divemaster training, I was a sponge for any information anyone wanted to share. Actually that still is true to this day… sharing stories and solutions to problems or ways to anticipate so problems never arise is something that happens in this shop on a daily basis.

Taking people diving has been a thrill for me as I LOVE LOVE LOVE to share my passion with others!! Especially those that like Nudis!! Not only is diving a joy but it’s also a great pleasure to meet folks from all around the world while introducing them to the best Maui has to offer.

I am going to miss the camaraderie at the shop and Maui Dreams will always hold a special place in my heart.

Katherine… AKA…..

Mary Katherine
Sister Mary Katherine
Gear b$tch

Smack the gear b$tch

Note from MDDC: We will miss the heck out of SMK! The good news is that she is eager to join us for “guest appearances” for you nudi-lovers and other fans out there. If you request to book her for a dive, we’ll see if we can make it happen!