MDDC, Yum Yum!!

Jon, the “new guy”!

Living on Maui and working at Maui Dreams really has been like a dream for me, and not just for the reasons you might think.

Charlie loves pit too!

When I first started as “gear guy,” I thought I might also need to get a second job in a restaurant to make ends meet and hopefully get some free food perks. I could not have been more off base; the food here seems to never stop appearing. Between the leftover boat sandwiches to Don’s famous (well at least on Maui) home made pies, it would be safe to say that more than half my “diet” comes from work. Not to mention all the food our awesome customers bring in (shout out to “the Wu”!). Mahalo to everyone that has made my job at Maui Dreams Dive Co. not only fun but delicious! So feel free to stop by, say “hi” and drop off some tasty treats so my tapeworm doesn’t get cranky.
Aloha from “the NEW guy” -Jon