I Heart Nudis!

I admit it, I am such a nudi geek. The greatest joys I’ve had underwater have been seeing a new slithery slug friend. I almost ALWAYS have my camera with me because (of course) if you see something cool, you have to brag with pictures on facebook!!!

So let me tell you about one of my greatest days underwater. I got a tip from a fellow nudi-hugger that the holy grail of nudibranchs, the Jolly Green Giant, has been spotted a week prior just north of a well known dive site…. One that is usually accessed by a boat. I had no idea where this spot was, but my newly converted nudi-hugger boyfriend knew exactly where to look.

But let’s face it, what the heck are the chances of finding a ½”-1” slug out in the middle of god know’s where?

But we were determined!

So the plan was to surface swim out to the location then drop down and spend the maximum time searching for the holy grail. Our agreed turn around time was 1000 psi. We found the spot and dropped down – the search begins! At first I was so excited but then I started to get nervous as I saw my tank pressure drop as time went by….. 2000PSI….. 1500PSI….. 1250PSI….. dang, it was almost time to turn around. As I’m hovering over the reef and turn to look for my boyfriend to make sure he’s okay, a little green blob caught my eye! NO WAY. WHAT?! NO WAY. THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure what I looked like as that was happening – I was quacking my noise maker like nuts and waving my arms like a mad woman. I tried to calm down so I wouldn’t waste my air, but that was impossible! I sat there and photographed this beautiful little gem of nature for about 20 minutes until I was low on air and off we went!

When I posted that picture, everyone freaked out and was so jealous – it was awesome! I gave out headings to several people but no one had any luck. I am a nudi whisperer – I think that’s what it all comes down to.