Call for Pizza!

The cry rang out across Keawakapu beach in the early morning hours just before the sun crested Haleakala. Nervous sunbathers looked on as a group of scuba divers struggled in the water and quickly carried one of their fellow divers on to shore, abandoning their gear and beginning CPR on their lifeless friend. One of the divers ran to the parking lot and returned with emergency oxygen which he added to the rescue efforts. A sunbather ran over to the wetsuit-clad group and asked if she could help them by calling 911. “Didn’t you hear our cries?!” one of the divers asked, “We said to call for pizza!”

The lifeless diver couldn’t help but smile.

We then thanked the sunbather and reassured her that we were simulating a rescue situation for a Rescue Diver class, and that everyone was actually quite alright.

Becoming a Rescue Diver involves learning a variety skills, both to keep yourself safe and also to rescue yourself in a less serious situation (which we got to experience when one of us got a cramp). We also learned how to search for and rescue a lost diver, how to give rescue breaths while towing someone to safety, and we refreshed our First Aid, CPR and emergency oxygen skills. The wealth of knowledge that is attained in the Rescue Diver class should make it a serious consideration for anyone who enjoys spending time in our beautiful waters.

Everyone had a wonderful (but tiring!) day, but much to our dismay, no one ever did order us a pizza.