Interning at the Little Shop of Horrors!

Has anyone ever wondered what really happens behind the closed doors of the Maui Dreams Dive Company? Well, allow me to introduce myself. Iʼm the intern! Well one of them anyways. Really my name is Chelsea Truscott and along with Katie Schmid (the other intern) we are new to the dive shop. Which means we finally get to see whats behind the big blue door! Are you ready?

GEAR!!!! Lots and lots of gear. Rows upon rows of tanks and wet BCDʼs. Have you ever smelled a wet wetsuit that has been hanging for a few hours!!! Let me tell you its not pretty!

After the initial shock wore off, I was put to work. Going through orientation on How To Clean Gear! I remember thinking to myself, “YES! Iʼm finally an instructor and now I get to clean gear!” I have to admit I laughed to myself which probably explains the odd looks I received from the shops manager Teri.

Even as I write this i canʼt help but smirk which has resulted in a worried “uhoh” from my new boss!! : )

Iʼd have to admit, gear cleaner may not be a glamorous job, but it is relaxing and very zen. I found myself in a calm state until I heard “CHELSEA” come from the front of the shop. I hurriedly ran out, dripping wet, to find more customers to gear up and send out to dive!

And such is the life of the intern to date! We run, we fetch, we even jump upon occasion. If anyone happens to find themselves in Kihei, Iʼve been told its entertaining to watch us sent to and fro. So come on down, introduce yourself and enjoy the show!