Handy Skills from Open Water Class

Remember that skill you did in Open Water class where you swam around without a mask on? There’s a reason we teach that skill.

I was leading a guided dive when I started having problems with my mask flooding. I kept clearing it and clearing it while thinking Dang! This mask is driving me crazy!

Then I noticed my snorkel falling away in the water column…uh…what the heck is that about? Oh, my mask strap came completely undone!

Remember, this is all happening whileI am guiding divers! Well, I simply signaled stop to the group, handed my flag line to the nearest diver and proceeded to grab my snorkel, put it back on the strap, rethread the strap, put the mask back on and cleared it. The group silently applauded 🙂

The good training I received way back in my Open Water class paid off!

Aloha, Teri