We Divers are Gear Maniacs!

One of the benefits of working in a dive shop is getting to see the latest and greatest before it even hits the shelves! Today we had a surprise presentation by the awesome guys at Aqua Lung. Some really cool products are coming out in response to the hits we have all been taking regarding weight limits when traveling. We all know about the awesome travel BCD that Aqua Lung has put out called the Zuma. Now Aqua Lung has the PERFECT light weight (and even color coordinated) regulator set to boot! Some even will match the Zuma!! In addition to being the lightest reg set to date, it has two high pressure ports – so those of us addicted to our Suunto D9’s can still hook up our wireless transmitter 🙂

It’s always fun to have an impromptu pow-wow/gear presentation in the middle of the day! We all stood around and let it soak in!! Good times!!

Aloha, Katherine