Teri’s 1999 New Year’s Eve Dive

Sharon Ringsven’s comment on Facebook reminded me about diving on New Year’s Eve. Ten years ago (ten!?!) two dive buddies, Philip and Christa, dove with me at Ulua. We went in about 11:45PM with an unopened bottle of champagne. I was afraid we were either going to break the bottle getting in or out, or that we would drown trying to drink while underwater! The smartest one of the bunch, my future husband Jim, remained safely on the beach.

Anyway, we went to 15′ deep (to make it an official training dive!) where we knelt in the sand. I counted down the last five seconds of 1999 on my watch. Philip popped the cork out of the champagne bottle. What a great sound it made! Now it was time to try to take a drink. Philip had done some research and was told that if we forced air into the bottle that the champagne would be pushed out. So I removed my reg and blew into the bottle while Philip held it over my mouth. I let liquid into my mouth but it was all saltwater! Yuck!!!

Then Philip had a great idea. He put his thumb over the bottle opening and shook it up. This time the champagne flooded my mouth. It tasted so good, and later he said that my head was surrounded by a million bubbles! We each took a good drink and toasted the year 2000. What a great memory! Thanks for reminding me Sharon