Sneak-Attacked by Maui County

Discrimination, seediness, back-room cowardice: these words come to mind when I consider the outrageous, sneaky, out of the public view, actions taken by the Maui Parks & Recreation Department and the Mayor regarding the Commercial Ocean Recreational Activity (CORA) “Practices & Procedures for CORA Permits” signed by Mayor Tavares on August 12th, 2009.

Currently regulated commercial operators have been attempting to work with the county on these issues for years. Although many people testified against the passage of these new rules due to various illogical, and quite possibly illegal, points in the rules (I will go into much detail in a couple of days after I have calmed down and digested the reality of this outrageous action the Mayor has taken) the Parks Director and the Mayor decided to go ahead and enact the rules without advising ANY of the commercial operators that these rules would go into effect on September 1, 2009.

Although someone found the ruling on the county’s website on their own, at this late date, it is likely that every commercial operator will be in noncompliance on that date. This could result in all operators immediately and permanently losing their permits.

Okay, so we no longer have scuba diving instructors, surfing instructors, windsurfing instructors, snorkel guides, etc. on Maui…who cares???