3 Hours on a Tuesday

I like this picture because I know that this is what some people envision as a regular day in the dive business!

But here’s a three hour slice from today:

6:30-ish I arrive around this time to allow myself time to figure out and prepare for the daily chaos that is sure to break loose when we open the doors at 7:AM. I check the compressor log to see if today is the day I will have to wheedle one of the guys into changing the oil and to see if it is time to change the filter (that one, I’ll do myself). I count the cash drawer, read the communications book, poke fun at Charlie if he’s available, check the phone for messages, hassle Charlie some more, turn on computers, waterfall, music and then when everyone’s ready…

7:00 We fling open the door and welcome whoever is waiting to come in. This morning we are met with a couple of groups of introductory divers, folks arriving for the first day of their open water class, and an Advanced Open Water class. Two minutes later, several other regulars file in to get tanks for morning dives. At one point, I count five co-workers and 14 customers. I love the morning rush!! People are nervous, excited, and inevitably there will be someone asking the usual shark questions. Sorry folks, we will probably NOT get to see a shark on your intro dive today!

7:45 Where did everybody go??! Yep, by this time most folks have cleared out. After the morning rush, Teri and I put away the wetsuits from yesterday, hook up the next rack of tanks to be pumped and…

8:20 Holy moly, the phone has been going like mad. Did I say phone? I meant phones, plural. Now where was I? Oh yeah, calling a vendor about a ripped customer wetsuit in hopes of securing a replacement. I reach out to dial the phone and just then, it rings. Just for fun, I made a list of calls I get between 8 & 9AM. Carrie called to ask about an Open Water class (10 minute call, signed ‘em up), someone else about dive conditions along the south shore (so far, so good – go diving!), a guy called to ask how late we’re open (til 6, but your gear is due in by 5 if you want to bring it back today), another 2 calls about introductory dives (book ‘em, Danno!), one call from a civics club wanting a donation (oooh, twist my arm!), PADI called with a question about our order, and I am sorry to say, I missed a couple of calls while on the phone with the above-mentioned folks! I say out loud “we have missed calls!” to remind myself or Teri to get to them.

9:AM Now where was I again? Oh, the compressor has turned off by now, so we run back to switch tanks around and then the phone rings. Teri wears the cordless on her belt, so she takes this one, while I continue to sling tanks. In the middle of this, I hear the front door beep and run up there to greet folks and rent them gear. After her call, Teri helps and off go the divers to check out Makena Landing. Ummmmm…we look at each other and I start to ask Teri a scheduling question as we head back to move MORE tanks around.

9:30 I re- remember to make that call about the ripped wetsuit (who am I fooling? I have a LIST – I can’t remember all this stuff!) and woo hoo, they said they will ship a replacement today.

And this is just what I can REMEMBER of what happened during those first three hours today. Whew! We work in 11+ hour shifts, so that was three down, eight to go!

I love my job! -Rachel